Three Reasons to Choose Ivory Re-Manufactured Printer Toners

Our laser jet printer toners which we re-manufacture in UAE are being used by multinational companies & small-medium enterprises in the region since 2000. We are working towards achieving the UAE’S Sustainability Goals by providing cost-effective & environmental friendly alternatives for sustainable printing in the area.

Below are three reasons why you should get in touch with our team on your next toner purchase

1.  Ivory Toners are cost-effective without any compromise on quality

Low costs of re-manufactured toners don’t mean that we use cheaper plastics and inferior quality in the manufacturing of the cartridges.  We maintain strict quality control and extensive tests on all materials used in production which guarantees reliability and doesn’t cause any printer issues or repairs in the long run.

Additionally, all our customers get free maintenance and service throughout the use of our toners

2.  Guaranteed Yield and better than OEM

Our toners are guaranteed to provide you with the promised page yield claim that is printed on our boxes as our automated production facility makes sure that the right amount of ink and other materials is used.

Third party tests conducted proves that Ivory Remanufactured printer toner & cartridges are as reliable as OEM.

3. Our product is a GREEN Solution

Most of the new build toners and cheap quality compatible clones end up clogging landfills as they cannot be recycled or reused which leaves a negative impact on the environment in UAE.

Contact our team on 04  to order your printer toner that is guaranteed to meet and exceed your printing expectations.


Don’t sacrifice quality when you can get the best printer toner from Ivory

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