What is the difference between OEM and Ivory Toners

Original Equipment Manufacturer Toners and Ivory Toner cartridges are options for your printer or copier needs in the office or at home.

OEM Toners are relatively expensive and are not suitable for large or frequent printing needs. Since large printing is done in both home & office the alternative solution to this problem is opting for remanufactured toners such as the ones we at Ivory provide.

Nowadays organisations and people around the globe and in the United Arab Emirates prefer remanufactured toners as they are cost-effective and lowers landfill waste which also perfectly aligns with UAE’s sustainable goals.

Ivory Printer Toner Cartridges:

Our toners are manufactured specifically for a particular make or model of companies such as HP, Samsung, Epson, Brother & more using a combination of new and recycled parts sourced from factories.

Having served the region for the past 19 years, our customers trust our locally manufactured toners and our qualified technicians for exceptional printer related services.

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